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Joyce L. Kelley

Joyce L. Kelley

Marketing Advisor

The euphemism about “saving for a rainy day” is so true.  We at Global View Capital, endeavor to teach our clients to build assets to pay for liabilities through our 6 step path to Financial Freedom. Wealth is not how much you make but how much you can hold on to.

 Joyce is an Investment Adviser Representative with Global View Capital Management and Global View Capital Insurance. She services businesses and individuals in multiple states with investment solutions & insurance needs. As a Marketing Adviser for her team, she is responsible for the quality of who we market to.  She schedules appointments and is also responsible for the marketing strategies for seminars, events and presentations. She and her team are constantly on the lookout for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who seek to learn more about the financial industry. 

Joyce considers herself a financial educator.  As such she has received extensive training on the topic of Social Security.  She gives presentations and discussions on Social Security because millions of Americans depend on it.  For many, it is their primary source of retirement.  For others, it serves as an important supplement to pensions and personal savings so understanding the benefits and maximizing strategies to coordinate Social Security with the rest of a client's retirement income plan is a value added proposition that Joyce brings to her clients.

Before becoming a financial professional, Joyce was an educator with the Chicago Public Schools.  She began her teaching career at the primary level and later became an administrator.  A desire to become an entrepreneur and a passion for helping people led her into the financial industry.  Joyce is involved with business & community organizations locally.   She also holds leadership positions with regional & community non-profit organizations in Illinois.   

Joyce has dubbed herself the "financial poet" because she is one of the authors of a collaborative book of poetry entitled, Mashairi, which is Swahili for poetry.  Joyce is an  Illinois resident and has one adult daughter.