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Joyce L. Kelley

Joyce L. Kelley

Investment Advisor Representative


"Wealth is not how much you make but how much you can hold on to!"

                                                                                                  -Benjamin Franklin

Joyce is an Investment Adviser Representative with Global View Capital Management and Global View Capital Insurance. She services businesses and individuals in multiple states with investment solutions & insurance needs.  She and her team are constantly on the lookout for individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who seek to learn more about the financial industry. 

A desire to become an entrepreneur and a passion for helping people with their personal economies, especially leading into and living in retirement, led her to the financial  industry.  She is committed to helping families and the generations to come to experience financial freedom in 6 simple steps.  Currently, she is the host of a monthly zoomsource program called, “The Financial Hour with JLK & Guests.” This zoomsource program is an educational virtual resource program via Zoom about all things financial but with a twist-each month there will be special guests to inform, intrique & inspire those who attend.

Joyce considers herself a financial educator.  As such, she has received extensive training on the topic of financial security.  She gives presentations and discussions on obtaining financial security because so many Americans just need more information on it.  Most Americans look forward to retiring so why not make those years your best years, your "golden years" where you get to live life on your terms!

Joyce is involved with business & community organizations locally.  She a board member of the South Suburban Small Business Association.  She also holds leadership positions with other regional & community non-profit organizations in Illinois.   

Joyce has dubbed herself the "financial poet" because she is one of the authors of a collaborative book of poetry entitled, Mashairi, which is Swahili for poetry.  Joyce is an  Illinois resident and has one adult daughter.

Contact Joyce with your financial questions & needs!   We listen!  We care!  We have solutions!