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Carolyn A McClinton

Investment Advisor Representative



Carolyn’s Business Philosophy: I am enthusiastic about working with people and small business owners who have financial goals and want to develop a partnership with me to reach those goals. I believe one of my purposes is to be...

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Joyce L. Kelley

Investment Advisor Representative

(708) 991-7218

(708) 991-7215

"Wealth is not how much you make but how much you can hold on to!"Joyce is an Investment Adviser Representative with Global View Capital Management and Global View Capital Insurance. She services businesses and individuals in multiple...

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Dina Fliss

President & Chief Investment Strategist

Ms. Fliss is directly responsible for the portfolio construction of Global View Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios ("GTAC") & the Tactical Asset Allocation Fund, GPS model portfolios, Tactical Hard Asset, Tactical Emerging Markets,...
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Dean Fliss

President of Global View Capital Advisors & Insurance

As one of the finest mentors and coaches on business building, Dean has been instrumental in developing leaders and advisors into high performance entrepreneurs for over 30 years. His business development systems have been used by...
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Dave Morton

Director of Research & Portfolio Manager

Mr. Morton is directly responsible for the portfolio construction of Globalview Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios ("GTAC") and the Tactical Asset Allocation Fund. He is also directly responsible for the portfolio construction of the...
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